Use these resources to better understand the veteran landscape. This includes the ability to translate military skillsets into civilian terms and to understand the on-boarding and support that will better ensure success.

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Highly Qualified Military Veterans Solve Healthcare Hiring Challenges

It’s well worth the time to review veterans’ resumes with healthcare experience.

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Seven Reasons to Appreciate (and Hire) Military Veterans

Military experience offers discipline and training that creates solid, effective leaders who become tremendous assets.

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RecruitMilitary Successfully Launches First Virtual Career Fair

RecruitMilitary virtual career fairs help companies stay active in their region between our on-site career fairs, as well as helping them connect with veterans in cities our physical career fairs don’t reach.

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RecruitMilitary Virtual Veteran Career Fairs Offer One-Stop Shopping

RecruitMilitary's virtual career fairs offer veterans and employers alike the opportunity to connect.

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