Use these resources to better understand the veteran landscape. This includes the ability to translate military skillsets into civilian terms and to understand the on-boarding and support that will better ensure success.

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Recruiters Recall Their Best Veteran Hires

Veterans constitute a great treasure of talent, and some companies and recruiters are champions when it comes to seizing it. They truly understand the value of veterans, and how to attract, hire, and retain them. These top talent scouts recall some of their favorite experiences hiring veterans.


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Recruiting at Veteran Career Fairs Yields a Solid ROI

A 2016 Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) survey of 2,300 HR professionals revealed recruiting top talent as the top business/HR challenge. Other findings outline the cost of finding the right candidates.

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A Safe Place to Land: The Value of a Veteran Resource Group

Upon separating from the Air Force, one sergeant recalled, “My favorite part of serving in the military was the sense of esprit de corps and family. We all looked after each other in good times and bad.” Another 17-year Air Force veteran said the best part of her military service was the...

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Leadership and Good Communication Skills Closely Linked, and Veterans Excel at Both

In a recent article in Forbes, titled “8 Secrets of Great Communicators,” writer Travis Bradberry wrote: “Communication is the real work of leadership; you simply can’t become a great leader until you are a great communicator.” Effective HR managers understand that hiring veterans brings both of...

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