Veterans Day Special: RecruitMilitary CEO Tim Best Discusses Military Skills and the Modern Job Market on Fox 32 Chicago

Veterans Day was November 11, and we were excited to watch our CEO Tim Best appear on [Fox 32 Chicago]( to discuss the military-to-civilian transition, and how RecruitMilitary connects the military community with employers to bridge that gap.

> ####"At the end of the day, our objective is to bring those two audiences together so they can have meaningful conversations and translate the job seeker skills and backgrounds and the employer’s job descriptions."
*-Tim Best, U.S. Army veteran and RecruitMilitary CEO*

###Why should transitioning military, veterans, or military spouses use RecruitMilitary’s services?

You have skills that are valued in today’s workforce. We bring the jobs right to you – but more than that, we have the only job board environment in the world that will reach out and call every single new registrant to ensure they will be successful. But that’s just the start of what we do.

We facilitate meaningful conversations about how military backgrounds apply to non-military jobs, and provide avenues for direct connection with employers, as well as education and networking opportunities.

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###Why should employers use RecruitMilitary’s services?

There are all kinds of reasons employers enjoy hiring veterans and others from the military community but finding them can be a challenge.

RecruitMilitary provides the skills-translation and reach that employers need to effectively connect with job seekers from the military community. We also have a team who can make that outreach and educate employers or hiring managers on the best ways to connect with and onboard veteran job seekers.

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[See the full interview on Fox 30 Chicago here.](