The Washington Post Features Military Job Placement Firm Bradley-Morris

Devra Henderson
Bradley-Morris, Inc. & RecruitMilitary

Article details how candidates undergoing military transition can find careers in Corporate America

Atlanta, Georgia, September 24, 2006 – Bradley-Morris, Inc. (BMI), the largest military job placement firm in the U.S., and its CEO Shaun Bradley recently appeared in The Washington Post’s Career Track column (click here for a live version or print version of the feature).

Career Track is a biweekly column focusing on issues affecting young workers. It appears in The Washington Post‘s Jobs section and is authored by Staff Writer Mary Ellen Slayter. The title of the piece featuring Bradley-Morris is “After the Military, Courage and Readiness Count as Much as Ever”.

The article focuses on the value of military-experienced talent in corporate America, and includes some “best practices” advice from Mr. Bradley regarding military job placement. A key related quote from the column is as follows: “Transitioning servicemen and -women have to be careful not to limit their scope when thinking about options. Without realizing it, Bradley said, they bring a lot of traits to the table that employers want, including their work ethic, cultural sensitivity and leadership skills.”

In addition, Bradley demonstrated his optimism regarding the civilian career prospects of ex-military talent: “They need to understand that their skills are in demand…Our company is successful because our product [transitioning military job seekers] is so good.”

Employers who are seeking high caliber job seekers currently experiencing military transition can utilize BMI to tap this valuable talent pool, especially if these employers are seeking leadership and management positions; project engineers; production engineers/supervisors; manufacturing engineers/supervisors; operations and logistics engineers/supervisors; electrical, mechanical and maintenance technicians; and field service technicians.

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About Bradley-Morris, Military Job Placement Firm

Bradley-Morris, Inc., the largest military job placement firm in the U.S., expertly matches the top leadership, technical, operations and diversity candidates who are experiencing a transition from military to civilian life with the leading civilian jobs in the Fortune 1000 and emerging company sectors. Our client-focused approach yields superior return-on-investment and results in a 96% customer service satisfaction rating from the valued companies that partner with us. In addition, 90% of our military job seekers receive interest from these companies by taking advantage of our free Hiring Conference process. Serving the U.S., Europe and Asia, Bradley-Morris is headquartered in metro-Atlanta, GA.