CEO Reflects on Military Service and His Mission Today

Ask any veteran about his or her favorite part of military service and chances are that the camaraderie shared with fellow soldiers, as well as the team environment will be at the top of the list. That’s certainly true for Tim Best, CEO of Bradley-Morris/RecruitMilitary. “Without question, the best part about my time in the Army was the people I served with and my team. I learned early on that the military is the ultimate team. Everyone, regardless of rank, filled a role that was critical to our success,” he said.

Best transitioned to Bradley-Morris directly from the Army, where he served as an AH-6 Special Operations Aviation Pilot in Task Force 160, becoming one of the youngest mission-qualified pilots in unit history.

“I served in a community in which my team was constantly on the road. We were with one another 24 hours a day. Yet, when we returned home, we always found ourselves together, and our families were just as much a part of that as we were. When we were on the road, they were together. When we were home, we were all together. We cared deeply for each other and formed a lifetime bond,” he remembered.

“My passion for our team wasn’t just about our bond; it was also about the way we approached winning. My teammates were some of the smartest, toughest, and most talented people on the planet. We were highly critical of our own performance and constantly strove to be better. It mattered to us what other units thought about us, and we were willing to sacrifice meals, sleep, time at home, etc. to be the best team we could be,” Best continued. “Our togetherness, our focus on mission success, and the willingness to sacrifice for the win shaped who I am today.”

Best has applied many of those ingredients to create a winning formula at Bradley-Morris/RecruitMilitary, where connecting organizations with veterans is the essence of the mission. “Our team has created an incredible suite of offerings that give clients the most efficient and effective way to hire military. The purchase of RecruitMilitary in 2016 positioned us as the only provider with the ability to meet every veteran hiring or branding need an organization may have,” Best added.

Today, the company serves millions of veterans and connects them with every end-market: employers, educators, governmental organizations, VSOs/non-profits, and entrepreneurial opportunities. “For more than 27 years we’ve worked hard to create an ecosystem that offers meaningful solutions for any veteran,” said Best. “We are proud of where we have come, and our mission to bring vets opportunities to enhance their lives drives us as much today as it did nearly three decades ago.”