3 Reasons to Rely on Contingency Recruiting Firms

Locking down top talent is no easy task, especially if you need them quickly and don’t have the manpower to secure multiple hires without dropping everything to search for them.

The Dilemma

Picture these two scenarios:

  • Your company has just landed a major government contract. You need people fast. They’ve got to have solid training under their belts, the ability to adapt quickly, follow directions, take initiative, and own their responsibilities.
  • You’re a relatively new startup that has been gaining traction in your market. You don’t have a large HR department, but you need solid candidates to join your team.

The Solution

We recommend a contingency recruiting firm, and here are three reasons why:

1. Time and Money Saved

Contingency recruiting firms deliver a solid pipeline of uniquely qualified candidates. Because contingency recruiting requires a low up-front investment and limited time commitment on behalf of the business, it’s a great option for growing companies. When you contract with a contingency-based recruiting firm, a fee is collected only after the job is successfully filled with a suitable candidate. You’re still in charge of the whole process – you hire only the candidates who meet your needs.

Contingency recruiting is also placement-oriented because it saves time and money by only presenting qualified candidates, which shortens the time to fill open positions. There’s no sifting through stacks of resumes.

Furthermore, the process doesn’t drain a company’s internal resources. It’s in the firm’s interest to send you the best candidates they can find as quickly as possible. When a candidate is required quickly or there are multiple positions to fill, contingency recruiting is an excellent choice.

2. Proven Process

There’s no need to reinvent the wheel. When you hire a well-established contingency firm to find the best people, they’ll do it quicker, better, and cheaper than you can alone. This is because they utilize tried-and-true methods and have dedicated pipelines of talent from which to draw.

3. Lower Cost of Vacancy

There are dollar consequences when there’s a gap between the time talent is needed and the time it’s found. Unfilled positions can negatively affect profits, and the cost of vacancy measures that dollar impact. However, the cost of recruiting through the contingency process is much lower than that of a prolonged vacancy.

Additionally, talent shortages have a business impact beyond just dollars. A slow recruiting process can have detrimental results that cut across every level of an organization.

Just of few of those ripple effects include:

  • Lost productivity, experience, skills, and leadership
  • An impact on team cohesiveness affecting productivity
  • Employee frustration over prolonged vacancies, requiring more management attention
  • Lower customer satisfaction
  • Morale and workload can be heavily affected by employment gaps
  • Turnover may increase, due to any of the above factors

If we’ve convinced you to do more research on contingency recruiting firms, let us make one more suggestion: Choose a specialized contingency firm.

No one surpasses the military when it comes to equipping its personnel with valuable, real-world skills. Military-to-civilian contingency recruiting firms dedicate themselves to sourcing only from our nation’s finest talent: its veterans. They aid companies in leveraging military talent, while simultaneously providing meaningful opportunities for transitioning veterans. Plus, the tax incentives, workforce diversity, and OFCCP compliance are added bonuses!


by Katie Becker