Every Team Needs a Leader

Finding resourceful, dedicated, and accountable leaders to guide teams is not easy. For some companies, it’s like seeking a needle in the talent haystack.

The military is one of the few U.S. institutions whose business is to recruit outstanding talent then purposefully and judiciously hone high-caliber leaders – the defense of our country depends on the success of this process. As such, employers have found high value in partnering with RecruitMilitary to develop a Leadership Development Program (LDP) designed to recruit Junior Military Officers (JMOs) who are ideal for placement in a variety of roles within their businesses.

What is a Junior Military Officer (JMO) Leadership Program?

An employer who utilizes RecruitMilitary to deploy a Junior Military Officer Leadership Program/Leadership Development Program will likely have a number of middle management needs throughout the company with a focus on developing bench strength and the future business unit and corporate leaders of the enterprise. RecruitMilitary will recruit top JMO candidates for the program and the successful hires will typically embark on a six-month to two-year rotational training program.

Through the rotational program, JMO candidates will be exposed to various aspects of the business including finance, sales, operations, marketing, international, production, and supply chain. They will also be appointed mentors to help aid their civilian transition and onboarding. After the LDP, the employer assigns the JMO candidates to permanent functional areas depending on each individual’s displayed skills and career goals.

Candidates for the program are required to have a bachelor’s degree and may also have earned an MBA or other advanced credential.  JMO leadership talent must also have recently served at least four years in the military as a commissioned officer and possess excellent military records and evaluations.