Ralph Kauzlarich – Making the Transition to Financial Advisor

####In a recent episode of our Veteran Influencer Podcast, we spoke to Ralph Kauzlarich from First Command Financial Services.

Ralph graduated from West Point and served in the Army through the rank of Colonel, working in the education and energy sectors for several years after leaving active duty. He joined First Command as an advisor in the spring of 2019 to help veterans and military families accomplish their financial goals.

We discussed why Ralph made the transition to financial advisory, and his advice for service members to seek careers that include some form of professional credentialing.

Ralph also shares how getting into financial advisory became a new litmus test for his leadership abilities, broadening his perspective on how to counsel and serve his clients. He tells the story of meeting his First Command financial advisor in the officer's club on base as a young lieutenant, and how that advice set him on the path to financial security following his retirement from the Army.

To learn more about joining the First Command team as a Financial Advisor, or discover other positions within their culture of service, visit [https://rmvets.com/3bKIkmt](https://rmvets.com/3bKIkmt).