Pros and Cons to using a Military Recruiter

Here are two articles that were recently posted on regarding using military recruiters / headhunters. While there is some definite positive advice in there, I have a minor critique regarding the articles.

In the first article it recommends only spending 25% of your search time with military recruiters / headhunters. I can tell you from personal experience that when I transitioned as a Junior Officer, doing the job search using personal contacts and job boards yielded three interviews. Using “military headhunters”, I had 22 interviews in a variety of industries, and I’m still in the same job I selected out of those 22 interviews a number of years later. But, as a Principal owner and VP at Bradley-Morris, Inc., I am obviously biased!

In the second article it suggests that military recruiting firms place Junior Officers mainly into standard management positions with large firms.  At Bradley-Morris, although a good part of our client base is well recognized Fortune 500 clients, a large part of our client base is emerging small and mid-size market firms.  These smaller firms have definitely seen the value of the “make it happen” mentality of top Junior Officers, and they are using our program to hire for a wide range of positions in their industry sectors.

Enjoy the read!