More on Federal Hiring Trends: IT Workers in Demand

According to an article posted on Government Computer News by Senior Technology Editor Joab Jackson, of the more than 270,000 new employees needed to replace a rapidly retiring federal workforce and meet the new administration’s goals over the next three years, more than 11,549 new hires will be IT professionals.  The article, entitled “Help wanted: agencies need 11,000 more IT workers”, cites a survey released by the Partnership for Public Service think tank as its source.

According to Jackson, the Partnership’s survey identified 11,549 positions that will need to be filled by 2012 – the year almost 30 percent of the IT workforce of the 35 agencies polled will be eligible for retirement. The average age of IT employees at these agencies is 48. The survey defines IT positions as those related to systems analysis, security, application software, data management, and network services. Of note to the military job seeker, the Department of Defense will need 1,408 new recruits for its 5,746-strong IT workforce, from which 1,892 employees will be eligible for retirement by 2012.

IT continues to be a popular career field for retired military job seekers who held IT positions while serving in the military, as well as part-time or unemployed veterans in pursuit of an advanced education. At, we advise many of our IT-experienced customers to research and apply for federal job opportunities. (For more information on professional military resumes and federal resume writing services and federal job search advice for veterans, please visit To research federal IT job openings, visit

Also keep in mind that, according to Jackson, many contractors are complaining about the government encroaching on its IT talent pool. This, combined with the fact that some companies are attempting to save money by investing in cheaper Internet marketing methods, shifting costly and time-consuming paperwork into database-driven electronic filing systems, etc., may lead to an even greater demand for IT professionals outside of the government.

If you are preparing to make the military transition and have an IT background, consider the federal government for your next career. If you don’t have an IT background, now looks like a good time to pursue one. Your military resume will thank you.