Military to Civilian: We’re Not Alone in the “Blogosphere”

Construction Management Schools recently posted an article entitled: “100 Career Coach Blogs to Get You Through the Recession”.  For tips on how to translate military experience into a military resume and exploring new career concepts for persons with military backgrounds, is proudly listed as a top blog for transitioning job seekers.  This comprehensive list of worthy blogs spans everything from tips for women and entrepreneurs to interviewing… and even includes blogs that keep tabs on the latest job market news and trends.

According to their website, Construction Management Schools is an unbiased site dedicated to providing students who are considering enrolling in a construction management school with information regarding available on-line and campus-based schools, salary expectations, industry news, etc.  The construction management industry continues to demand strong leaders and managers and many transitioning military job seekers find this career field to be a great fit for their military backgrounds.