Military to Civilian: Top 3 Tips (as featured on Careerealism)

I recently had the opportunity to “guest blog” about the challenges that military job seekers face and how to overcome them on the popular Internet resource for job seekers –  Check out the post via permalink.  Careerealism is technically a blog, but offers an array of learning tools including electronic newsletters, twitter updates, expert advice, live broadcasts, job search strategy articles, and more.

Here’s an excerpt from the post:

Tip #2:The civilian workforce is profits-driven while the military is primarily driven by budgets. Many companies in Corporate America value the military job seeker’s training, teamwork, leadership and dedication. However, for military job seekers that are new to the civilian workforce, some companies need to reiterate with prior-service members how important the bottom-line is.

With this in mind, review your military experience and try to quantify any of the following types of experiences on your resume…

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