I’m Getting Out of the Military… Now What? (as Featured on JibberJobberUSA.com)

I recently wrote an article for JibberJobberUSA entitled, “I’m Getting Out of the Military… Now What?” It features advice to help military job seekers transition into real jobs, specifically translating military experience, structuring a job search plan of attack, and taking advantage of free military job search assistance and resources. The following is an excerpt:

“If you are a member of the U.S. military, your post-service job search will be much different than any civilian’s.

Even within the military, you have varying circumstances that may face you. Perhaps you’ve spent most of your adult life serving your country and an obligatory retirement looms on the horizon. Or, as a member of the National Guard, you return to the United States after a year-long overseas deployment only to find that your job no longer exists. Or, you hold the title of Navy Surface Warfare Officer and find that you’d like to try something other than piloting ships for the remainder of your career.

In each of these scenarios, one question universally applies: “Now what?” I recommend the following steps to transitioning military job seekers looking to make the most of their career searches…”

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A special thank you to Jason Alba and JibberJobberUSA.