Hey Veterans, Employers are Looking for YOU

In case you’ve been living under a rock, it’s a whole new world out there when it comes to finding a job. Candidates are in high demand, and employers are motivated to get the right people to join their teams.

To capture the most accurate picture of employers’ needs in this moment in time, RecruitMilitary architected a 2018 survey to ascertain their top hiring concerns. More than 900 organizations responded to the survey. The results? Let’s just say that the veteran skill set provides the answer to many organizations’ most pressing needs.

###What Skills do Employers Want Most?###

###Top 5 Projected Needs by Industry:###

Maintenance / Installation / Repair (23.8%)

Construction / Trades / Skilled Labor (19.7%)

Logistics / Supply Chain / Transportation / Warehouse (17.4%)

Manufacturing / Operations (15.9%)

Management / Supervision (14.8%)

Do any of these look familiar? They should. The skills listed among the greatest needs by employers closely mirror the occupations that many veterans hold during their service.

###Top 5 “Hot Button” Recruiting Needs###

Technical skills (47.2%)

Building bench strength / succession planning (30.8%)

Volume hiring (26.0%)

Diversity (21.6%)

Team Leaders (17.7%)

###So Where Do Veterans Fit In?###

Simply by having served, veterans embody the answer to what’s concerning employers right now.

First, there’s a good chance you handled technical equipment during your service (perhaps even some equipment that was way ahead of what’s seen in the civilian market). The value those skills bring is so strong that you almost can’t put a price on it.

Secondly, since the military forces are gaining in diversity all the time, you probably worked with fellow service members from all backgrounds, ethnicities, and walks of life. You didn’t have a choice except to make it work, and you are undoubtedly better for the experience.

Finally, could anything be a better by-product of military experience than team leadership skills?

From learning from superiors and mentors all the way down to leading and training their own units, veterans begin leading from day one.

###Here’s How Employers Propose to Find Talent to Hire###

Participation in veteran career fairs (69.8%)

Online offerings (database, job posting, and/or advertising) (52.0%)

Targeted email campaigns (30.0%)

Contingency recruiting (19.1%)

Print advertising in *Search and Employ®* (12.7%)

Sponsorship of veteran career fairs (8.6%)

###A Veteran’s Next Step###

Put yourself in the line of fire, so to speak. That means:

Get curious by attending a career fair near you, even if it’s just to network and see what’s out there.

Get yourself 100% registered in [RecruitMilitary’s database](https://success.recruitmilitary.com/jobs?utf8=%E2%9C%93&keywords=&location=&commit=Search#register) to take full advantage of the offerings and jobs that may fit your skills and interests.

Get busy looking at our magazine, [Search & Employ®](https://recruitmilitary.com/resources/search-employ), which is loaded with strategies and information about how to land your next career.