Choosing the right college.

You're in the process of going back to school… but how do you even begin to pick the best school? You’ll want a military-friendly school that accepts your military benefits — but where do you even begin to do research? Will you have credits already? What should you major in? How much will it cost? Search for schools near you right here, and check out a list of some frequently asked questions — and answers! — that will help you take the next steps.

###Regional and National Accreditations

Accreditations signify that a school meets certain standards set by an external group. Schools only receive accreditations if they meet the requirements set by these groups. National accreditation means that the accrediting group was approved by the Department of Education (a government department). Regionally accredited schools are accredited by one of six geographically-organized accrediting groups.

###Does my military training and experience count for college credit?

The answer to this question depends on your specific training/experience as well as the programs and schools that you are considering. Many colleges do accept credit; you should check with a school before enrolling to be sure.

###The Post-9/11 GI Bill
If you served at least 90 days aggregate service on or after September 11,2001 (and were honorably discharged) OR were discharged with a service-connected disability after 30 days, you are eligible for at least some financial aid. [Find out your level of benefits](

Many scholarships offer tuition assistance to the military community, including active duty, reserve, National Guard, veterans, spouses, and dependents. You should ask your ESO (Education Services Office) for some local scholarships, or check out this site for more military scholarships:

[Military Scholarship Information](