Accelerate Your Job Search with M2B

Looking to diversify your military-to-civilian career search repertoire? Look no further. Tom Pappas, West point graduate and former Army Captain, recently launched (M2B), a new website dedicated to teaching military job seekers the secrets of the business world. By shedding light on the world of business, he empowers veterans with the knowledge necessary to align their military skills and strengths with those required for corporate success. He also includes a comprehensive list of military transition resources, including 3 of our favorites – (professional military resume writing services), (military job boards/e-recruitment/job fairs), and (the leading military recruiting and placement firm).

Pappas, now an international marketing executive whose been focused on his company and career, took inspiration from the informal career advice he provided to fellow former military service members who asked for his guidance. These were friends and contacts in his personal network. He says, “I received a lot of positive feedback on my ‘unique’ approach, but didn’t think much about it. Recently, I started reading about how difficult it is for military veterans to find a job. As I looked into this trend, I got more frustrated and decided to do something about it. That was the start of my new blog.”

What can readers expect? The kind of advice Pappas wished he had when he left the service – an insider’s advice on how to accelerate the military transition – a mentor. According to Pappas, “There is a lot of information about military transition, but there isn’t a blueprint of the process – what I call the ‘map of the terrain.”’ And in this day and age, every job seekers needs a detailed plan. Think about it; you wouldn’t dare navigate a big, unfamiliar city without a map would you? As every service member knows, falling off course can set a devastating domino effect in motion. Wrong turns and loss of focus can cost you precious time, money, and opportunities, not to mention your self-confidence. So why would you tackle an unfamiliar job market without a plan? M2B can provide you with that plan.

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