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November / December 2014

My high school senior son just sent off his college applications. One of his essays was appropriately titled, “Protect and Serve.” In the essay, he explored how he found the greatest satisfaction in the protection of ideas and people who merited the same. As he is also an applicant for an ROTC scholarship, it is not surprising that many veterans likewise feel a calling to protect and serve when they leave the military.

Law enforcement, one of the editorial themes of this issue of Search & Employ®, has long attracted interest from veterans. Likewise, police forces have benefited from high-quality veteran talent for centuries. Interestingly, the other theme of this issue, IT and Telecommunications, is another realm where the need for protection and services grows daily. Much effort and investment is dedicated today to the needs of IT staff and software to protect against cyber attacks and other malicious activity on the Internet.

At RecruitMilitary, we continue to experience growing demand for high-quality veteran talent. There is genuine competition for the best veterans, and your position to bargain continues to improve – if you know how to market yourself and articulate your value.

To meet that growing demand, we have expanded our schedule of veteran career fairs. In 2015, we will be hosting 101 events, up from 77 in 2014. We have added dates in cities we visited in 2014, and we have added 10 cities: Detroit; Hartford; Milwaukee; Columbia, South Carolina; Cleveland and Dayton, Ohio; and Oxnard, Riverside, Sacramento, and San Jose, California. And employers continue to ask us to add even more dates and cities.

Another indicator of growing demand for high-quality veteran talent is the number of job postings on our site at A year ago, Search & Employ® reported a quantity of 550,000 postings. As I write this column in mid-October 2014, the number stands just north of 775,000.

A third indicator is increased advertising for veteran talent in Search & Employ®. The issue you are reading holds the record for pages of paid advertising, 48½, and the year 2014 is our best ever, with a total of 242¾ pages for the six issues of this bimonthly publication. That yearly total is up 43¾ pages, or 18 percent, from our previous best, in 2012.

But there is a downside to the growing demand – in the form of increased competition for jobs from your fellow veterans. Last year, the number of veterans who had registered in our database of veteran job seekers was 550,000, and today it is more than 730,000.

So how do you compete? There is a saying in sports, “You can’t score if you don’t shoot.” Shooting, in this case, means registering in our database and aggressively researching our job postings, attending all RecruitMilitary career fairs within driving distance, and responding to the advertisers that do business in fields that interest you.

The New Year is almost upon us. Good luck in realizing your career goals; and, as always, look to RecruitMilitary to steer you to the best opportunities for your future.

All the best,

Peter A. Gudmundsson
CEO and president, RecruitMilitary


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