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January / February 2015

In November, I attended the Veterans on Wall Street (VOWSTM) conference hosted by Goldman Sachs, Deutsche Bank, and Citi in Lower Manhattan. It was a vivid reminder of just how vigorously the American financial services industry covets the talent of our nation’s finest, our veterans. Hundreds of executives – some veteran-knowledgeable and others less so – packed the Goldman Sachs Conference Center to learn best practices on hiring veterans.

As our country recovers from the financial meltdowns of 2008, now may be an excellent time to begin a career in financial services. This magazine can help you find such a career. One of the two themes of this issue is financial services and insurance – meaning that the issue contains stories of vet­erans who found success in those industries, a directory of financial services and insurance firms that are eager to hire veterans, and a research guide to help you find your way around in financial services and insurance.

The other theme is defense and aerospace. The defense industry, of course, has always understood the value of veterans. Ever since the first ancient Egyptian solder returned from the Hittite Wars to open a war chariot construction business, veterans have inspired and powered the defense industry.

What many veterans do not appreciate, however, is the diversity of that industry. Far from just the manufacture of bombs, planes, and ships, today’s defense and aerospace firms are broadly diversified. I could list many, many examples of the diverse goods that defense contractors produce and the diverse services they perform. But instead, let me prove my point by referring you to the top page of the National Defense Mega Directory of the National Defense Industrial Associa­tion (NDIA). That page lists about 175 kinds of products and services in 13 categories.


. . . that is, I urge you strongly, to pursue your job hunt vigorously in 2015. Leave no stone unturned.

Before veteran job seekers enter the exhibit halls at our all-veteran job fairs, we exhort them to visit every booth. We tell the veterans that an exhibitor’s name or its main line of business is not a certain indicator of the kinds of job openings the exhibitor is trying to fill. We also tell the veterans that a few moments of conversation at a booth may arouse their interest in an occupation that they had not previously considered.

This exhortation bears fruit. Veterans who attend our events say as much in their responses to surveys that we conduct after each event.

And as it is at a job fair, so it can be when you visit our job board at and when you read Search & Employ® maga­zine. I exhort you to get a little out of your comfort zone and respond to job postings, advertisements, and listings that seem to hold little promise for you. You just never know.

All the best,

Peter A. Gudmundsson
CEO and president, RecruitMilitary


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