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September / October 2014

Employer, educator, and veteran candidate readers will have a new series of articles to enjoy, starting with this issue. In a special section, RecruitMilitary will highlight veteran hiring leaders who make a difference. In a nation that generates a lot of noise about veterans and employment, the leaders we will recognize are among those who propel their organizations to the front by actually hiring America’s best.

Selection as a veteran hiring leader is an honor to be sure, and we know that our readers will understand and appreciate what our honorees have been doing. Their success helps all of us.

Readers should also view this issue as a “teachable moment” opportunity. Each of these executives can teach the rest of us an insight or a tool that helps them succeed.


In this issue, we also take a close look at two industries – healthcare and retail. Driven by demographics and technology, healthcare is an industry that should continue to grow throughout all of our careers. It is tempting to think that most of the career paths are for healthcare professions like nursing and medicine – what the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) calls Healthcare Practitioners and Technical Occupations – but in fact there are hundreds of positions that do not require those types of degrees and certifications. For example, the vast category of Healthcare Technologists and Technicians includes dental technicians, paramedics, medical records technicians, and hearing aid specialists.


Retail is a very different space, and another in which veterans thrive. Retail is about not only cashiers and stockers – the people you see in the store – but also the host of professional support people who help get the products we want to buy to the businesses that want to sell them. There is an insatiable demand for frontline leaders and logistical sophistication in the retail industry, and many of our RecruitMilitary clients have extensive training programs for veterans.


I am pleased to announce that we have finalized our schedule of job fairs for 2015. We will produce 101 Opportunity Expos in 49 cities coast-to-coast, up from 75 events in 2014. Our events are well worth attending: According to post-event surveys, more than half of the job seekers who attend expect to secure interviews as a result of their attendance. Check the schedule on page 46 of this issue.

We have been producing military-to-civilian job fairs since 2006, and we broke our single event attendance record this year. On July 17, 109 exhibitors and 882 job seekers attended our Expo in Irving, Texas. I thank all of the companies and candidates who made this such a successful event.

And I thank the advertisers who have made this issue of Search & Employ® the largest ever.

All the best,

Peter A. Gudmundsson

CEO and president, RecruitMilitary

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