Tactical Connection Program for Employers

You need high-caliber talent today more than ever. America's transitioning Soldiers and Spouses are some of the most highly qualified professionals entering the workforce. The Tactical Connection Program stands to bridge the gap between your organization and this immensely talented demographic. Let's take a look at the tools and methods you can leverage now to start building and enhancing your military hiring efforts.

Tactical Connection Program for Employers

Direct Access to Soldiers and Spouses

Customized Recruiting Solutions

Leverage our military-to-civilian recruiting experts to analyze your needs and customize a plan to maximize your return on investment.

Attend Military Hiring Events

Attend our premium veteran career fairs and meet the most highly skilled labor force in the country, U.S. military veterans.

Access the Military Talent Database

Search a rich talent pool of veteran candidates by military job specialty, skillset, geography, security clearance, and more.

Post your Open Positions

Expose your organization’s opportunities to thousands of veterans by posting jobs to our site, or post in bulk through our job feed.

Leverage Placement Services

When you need a valuable hire fast but don't have time to recruit, pre-screened and pre-matched candidates are a phone call away.



Additional Programs and Resources

A Message from Walter Herd - U.S. Army TAP, National Dir.

Army Career Skills Program

The Army Career Skills Program (CSP) affords transitioning Service Members the opportunity to participate in employment skills training (EST), on-the-job training (OJT), pre-apprenticeships, and internships with a high probability of employment in high-demand and highly-skills jobs. Participation must occur within the last 180 days of military service, with an honorable discharge.

DoD SkillBridge

With SkillBridge, your organization can support service members during their transition while avoiding some of the logistics of on-site support. SkillBridge partners across the nation may take advantage of virtual, online, or distance learning and training options.