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Finding the Right Civilian Role for Your Military Skills

RecruitMilitary has been impactful enough that as a VA recruiter, I've already signed up for utilizing their services to help fill our needs because it's run so professionally. I would highly recommend using it as one of the tools in your transition “kit.”

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Your Military Experience Means Nothing (without Translation)

Your service is valuable, appreciated, and applicable in civilian careers. However, your experience is uniquely yours and your unique military experience isn’t inherently understood by anyone but YOU.

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Military Spouses: Stand Behind Your Experience

It’s easy for military spouses to downplay their experiences, but we encourage you to really emphasize them. Approaching employers with confidence in your prior experiences, no matter how big or small, can make a huge difference.

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Changing How You Job Search with ChatGPT

With the help of AI-powered language models like ChatGPT, job seekers can get guidance and advice on how to find and apply for job opportunities.

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