Top 40 Under 40 Military® Winner Archive

Each November in honor of Veterans Day, Search & Employ, will release its Top 40 Under 40 Military edition which will endeavor to recognize the top service members who are serving or have served in the U.S. Armed Forces.

Atlanta, Georgia November 3, 2014 -, where America’s military connects with civilian careers, announced the winners of The Top 40 Under 40 Military Class of 2014 today. The military-experienced individuals who make up the 2014 class were selected by’s worldwide military base newspaper, Military Transition News (MTN), and the winners are being released this week in honor of Veterans Day.

“AdjusterPro is excited and honored to sponsor this year’s recognition,” said John O'Brien, Director of Recruiting, AdjusterPro, presenting sponsor of the 2014 Top 40 Under 40 Military. “To all our military veterans, thank you for your service.”

The Top 40 Under 40 Military program recognizes the top performing service members who are serving or have served in the U.S. Armed Forces. They are profiled each year in the November/December Veterans Day issue of MTN. The individuals selected for the 2014 recognition are:

2014 Top 40 Under 40 Winners

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  • Ivan M. Alvarado, Army, MAJ
  • Mario Barrett, Army, CPT
  • Baren Berg, Marines, Sgt
  • Shannon Bibbee, Army, CPT
  • Nathan Bilbrey, Navy, PO1
  • Andrew Bonifant, Coast Guard, PO1
  • Eric Boone, Navy, LT
  • Travis Sim Bramble, Air Force, SSgt
  • Sam Cheung, Coast Guard, LT
  • Adam DeMarco, Army, CPT
  • Tommy Dunaway, Marines, Maj
  • Michael L. Ebel, Air Force, 2d Lt
  • Sarah Economou, Marines, Capt
  • Elizabeth Evans, Army, MAJ(P)
  • Michael Faherty, Navy, LT
  • Robert Folta, Marines, Sgt
  • F. Garrett Fucci, Marines, 1stLt
  • Justin Gandino-Saadein, Marines, SSgt
  • Geoffrey Gantt, Marines, Sgt
  • Ryan Gregory, Air Force, SrA
  • Patrick Hall, Army, CPT
  • Rachel Hamaker, Navy, PO1
  • Warren Jackson, Jr., Army, SPC
  • Alan Kipping-Ruane, Navy, PO2
  • John Lim, Navy, PO2
  • Bart M. Lomont, Air Force, Capt
  • Robert K. Lytle, Air Force, Capt
  • Kynnie Martin, Army, CPT
  • Arthur J. Middlebrooks, Army, CPT
  • David Miller, Army, CPT
  • Christopher Molaro, Army, CPT
  • Gabrielle Z. Noce, Air Force, Capt
  • John J. Reichert IV, Navy, LT
  • Matthew Renner, Air Force, Capt
  • Orlando D. Reyes, Marines, MSgt
  • C. Nate Swope, Marines, Sgt
  • Alex C. Teixeira, Marines, Capt
  • Michael Trottier, Air Force, Capt
  • Phillip VanderWeit, Marines, Capt
  • Norman Victoria, Navy, PO2

“The winners of this year’s Top 40 Under 40 Military program represent the immense devotion and hard work high-achieving military members put forth, both within their respective military designations and later on in the civilian world,” said Jake Hutchings, VP Client Services, Bradley-Morris, Inc. and “It will always be an honor to recognize these exemplary men and women who serve our nation.”

The criteria for the Top 40 Under 40 Military are as follows:

  • Serving or has served in the U.S. Armed Forces
  • Under 40 years old
  • Exemplary military performance as per their assignments and evaluations
  • Honorable discharge or anticipate an honorable discharge

About the Top 40 Under 40 Military

The Top 40 Under 40 Military was previously released annually by, where America's military connects with civilian careers. RecruitMilitary, with parent company Bradley-Morris, Inc. (BMI), the largest military-focused recruiting firm in the U.S., together deliver the largest military-to-civilian footprint available to companies seeking to recruit and hire from the military talent pool.