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March / April 2011

Welcome to job seekers who are transitioning from active duty to civilian life, veterans who already have civilian work experience, members of the National Guard and reserves, and military spouses. Our company’s continuing mission: to help men and women who have military backgrounds connect with employers, franchisors, and educational institutions.

This issue’s cover articles focus on job opportunities in government. In 2009, President Obama’s 2009 mandated that federal agencies increase the hiring of veterans by the executive branch of the federal government. In our articles, you will read about a variety of government agencies at all levels that are actively seeking the skill sets and talents that veterans bring to the table.

Our feature articles describe opportunities in franchising, a field in which veterans have long been sought. You will read about our own Veteran Franchise Centers (VFC), listed among the “20 to Watch in 2011” by Franchise Times magazine, as well as other franchises that value the skill sets and organizational abilities of military personnel.

Check out our new job board! Launched on Veterans Day 2010, our new job board provides state-of-the-art, best-in-class technology. It is full of exciting new features, which will make it easier for potential employers to find your profile—and easier for you to find the job you are looking for. Job seekers overwhelmingly report that the new board is much faster and easier to navigate than the previous board. More than 300 job seekers are registering daily.

Register with us. To further your job search and to make your own data searchable by employers, franchisors, and educational institutions, we encourage you to register as a job seeker and post your resume at Don’t have a resume? Hire one of our experts to write one for you.

As a registered, active candidate, you will also receive The VetTen, a monthly electronic newsletter loaded with employment and other opportunities and containing a link to an online copy of the current issue of Search & Employ®.

Go to our Expos. We also encourage you to attend the RecruitMilitary Opportunity Expos in your area. We have 60 events scheduled for 2011—see our schedule on page 29 of this issue and Robert Walker’s article on page 36. At those events, recruiters representing employers, franchisors, and educational institutions will be on hand to discuss a multitude of options.

And finally: Talk to everyone who has opportunities for veterans. Do not rule out any business or industry until you have discussed the opportunities with a recruiter.

Thank you for serving in the armed forces of the United States.

Drew Myers
Founder and President, RecruitMilitary

Employers, franchisors, and representatives of educational institutions: Please see the special section on pages 38 and 39!

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What is Search & Employ®
Search & Employ® is a bimonthly, “super-sized” magazine designed to help transitioning and veteran military and their spouses find outstanding civilian jobs, business opportunities, and continuing education programs.

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Beginning with our January 2010 issue you can easily access web sites mentioned throughout the magazine. If you see a URL, click it and you will be taken directly to the site.

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Are you interested in advertising to transitioning and veteran job seekers? Search & Employ® lets employers advertise job opportunities and educators advertise continuing education programs directly to transitioning and veteran military and their spouses.

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