Job Search Process

We have the information you need to nail your job search and win the job you want. We’ve compiled advice and tips from industry experts that can help you feel comfortable and confident through each step in the process, whether you’re face-to-face at a veteran job fair, or conversing online.


  • Researching and defining your ideal career
  • Translating your experience
  • Networking that works
  • Create a winning resume
  • Winning the interview

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Gaining the Confidence to Speak Up at Work

Speaking up may help you to advance in the workplace.

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Tips for Job Searching in Your 40s

Your 40s is a pivotal time in your career. Make the most of it by finding a balance that can guide you through to retirement time.

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Sustaining Career Growth in Your 30s

This time in your career is sometimes called the “sweet spot,” where you’ve found the right mix of what you like to do, what you’re good at doing, and skills that the industry needs.

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Career Strategies to Get You Ahead in Your 20s

Every successful career begins with a first job and the initiative to keep pushing forward to reach goals.

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