Many veterans enter the workforce with specific skills and advantages that make them uniquely qualified for Transportation and Logistics. Use these resources to learn more.

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Infantry Scout Succeeds at Ingram Marine Group


Ingram Marine Group is a bulk commodity transporter on America’s inland waterways. The organization started out in 1946 as a small, family-owned business and has grown into the largest dry cargo carrier and one of the top chemical carriers on the rivers.

The company’s...

Search & Employ®, Transportation/Logistics, July-August 2015

From Staff Sergeant in the National Guard to Success at Legion Logistics, LLC


Legion Logistics is a third-party logistics provider based in Florence, Kentucky. The company connects customers with products to ship with carriers who can ship them. Legion serves the Continental United States, Canada, and parts of Mexico. In 2014, Legion had more than $25...

Search & Employ®, Transportation/Logistics, July-August 2015

Navy Sonar Tech Succeeds at Nordco


Nordco supplies North American Class 1 railroads, regional and short-line railroads, and public transit systems. The company also serve industries that rely heavily on rail transportation, including the port authority, agriculture, mining, chemicals, and energy industries.

Nordco helps...

Search & Employ®, Transportation/Logistics, July-August 2015

From F-1 Maintenance for the Air Force to Success at UPS


UPS is the world’s largest package delivery company and a provider of supply chain and freight services. The company’s core focus is the distribution of goods—and the information that accompanies those goods. UPS also provides supply chain-management services, including warehousing,...

Search & Employ®, Transportation/Logistics, July-August 2015