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The U.S. military is in our blood and we consider it an honor to serve those who served. We know how hard transitioning to civilian life can be, so we’re providing some practical solutions to make it easier than ever. Discover our plan to set you apart from the crowd.


RecruitMilitary and MyComputerCareer understand the first big step in transitioning is to let the world know you’re in the job market and ready for action. These days, it’s all about exposure via job boards online, so making sure your information is visible on these sites is key. Click the links below to explore your options on a few of these sites, where you can instantly become visible to thousands of recruiters, search hundreds of thousands of careers nationally, or see who's hiring in your zip code.

Register on the veteran job board and Instantly become visible to thousands of recruiters

Search hundreds of thousands of careers nationally, or see who's hiring in your zip code

Lock ‘n’ Load with LinkedIn:

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5 Tips To Keeping Your Online Life From Ruining Your Job Search:

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There’s a lot to consider when it comes to representing yourself on paper. That’s why RecruitMilitary and MyComputerCareer have boiled it down for you in the below resources, which cover everything you need to know to write a compelling cover letter and resume using terminology that highlights your strengths and captures the attention of employers.

Resume Tips and Tricks:

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Resume Wrongs That Can Ruin You:

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4 Key Tips For Preparing References With MyComputerCareer:

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Download Resume Template** (Applicant Tracking System/ATS friendly)

Constructing your Resume Cover Letter

How to craft a military to civilian translated resume Part 1 (Blog step-by-step)

How to craft a military to civilian translated resume Part 2 (Blog step-by-step)

Landing the Job

A well-written cover letter and resume might get you the interview, but you need to be able really sell yourself to get that job offer. In the resources below, RecruitMilitary and MyComputerCareer show you how to talk about your strengths in a way that impresses your potential employers, whether you have 30 minutes or 30 seconds. Click below for our step-by-step learning experiences or register for one of our biweekly webinars.

Perfecting Your Elevator Pitch This is your 30-second high-level overview of who you are professionally.

How to Survive Your Job Interview:

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Bi-weekly Preparation Webinars

Resume Preparation and Review Mondays @ 4:00pm (EDT) REGISTER HERE

Interview Preparation and Tactics Tuesdays @ 5:30pm (EDT) REGISTER HERE


Ever consider the in-demand field of I.T.? Use your G.I. Bill® to help cover some of the cost of your training at MyComputerCareer, where your dedicated, all-veteran military team help you start a new life as an I.T. professional in as little as four months. Click to learn more.

Additional Important Resources

The Importance Of A Professional Email Address for Jobs:

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Do you represent a tax credit for your potential employer?

VA 101 Resource Guide

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Use these tools to enhance your career search and take the next step toward your career goals today! Remember to complete your profile to 100%, so employers know who you are and how you fit into their organization. Don't forget to register for the next career expo near you (right-hand side of this page)!

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