Thank You Letter Tips

Job seekers often overlook a simple but important step in the interview process: sending a thank-you letter. Most of them simply fail to recognize its significance. A job seeker who wants to be remembered will send a thank-you letter to the interviewer and all of the other people he or she met before and after the actual interview. Here are some tips on writing this important document:

• Send the letter on the same day as the interview, if at all possible.

• The letter to the interviewer should be short. You should summarize your qualifications in one or two sentences.

• You will have discussed your military experience during the interview. So, in the thank-you letter, you will want to mention it again in the context of your qualifications for the job.

• Be sure to mention one or two specific subjects that you discussed during the interview to prevent your letter from reading like something you took out of a book of job-hunting advice.

• Your personality should show through in the letter. But at the same time, the letter should have a professional tone.

• Proofread your letter two or three times, then ask at least two other people you trust to proofread it. Even one spelling or grammatical error could spoil your chances, especially if several other qualified candidates have applied.

As you go through the process of writing your letter, keep your objective in mind – to keep the lines of communication open. And a good thank-you letter can be a “tie-breaker” that separates you from other qualified job candidates.