What to Expect at a RecruitMilitary In-Person Job Fair (Job Seeker FAQ)

What to Expect at a RecruitMilitary In-Person Job Fair (Job Seeker FAQ)

Welcome to the new and improved RecruitMilitary career fairs. Here is what you need to know.

Before the Event

Q. What do I need to do to prepare for the event?

A. Your first step is to register for one! To do that you need to have a RecruitMilitary profile.

See this checklist for more details.

Q. Why do I need a RecruitMilitary profile?

A. The job fair will be low-paper and low-contact, so your RecruitMilitary profile will allow exhibitors to view your information and resume digitally. This is why it's imperative to have a strong profile!

Q. How can I create a strong RecruitMilitary profile?

A. Employers use the search function to find you, so the more you give them to search, the better! Fill out every field in your profile and give as much relevant information as you can. Then, upload your resume to your profile.

Watch this 2-minute video to learn more.

Q. What if I don't have a RecruitMilitary profile?

A. When you register for a career fair, your basic RecruitMilitary profile is automatically generated. From there, you can add more information.

Q. Should I bring copies of my resume to the event?

A. Nope! At this paper-free event, you will share your RecruitMilitary profile (via QR code) instead. As mentioned about, make sure to complete your RecruitMilitary profile by filling in all of the possible fields and uploading your resume. If you do not have a resume, our job board can help you build one to share with exhibitors at the event.

Q. How can I register?

A. Simply choose an upcoming event that interests you, click “Registration,” and follow the instructions from there. By registering early for a face-to-face event, you can:

  • Access the exhibitor list and open jobs
  • Speed up the check-in process
  • Receive extra guidance and resources
  • Upload your resume (or use the resume builder) into the RecruitMilitary job board in advance

Q. Do you offer resources to help job seekers prepare for the event?

A. Yes! We have instructional videos, resume tips, and much more on our Resources page.

Be sure to follow us on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, or Twitter to get regular updates and additional resources as well.

During the Event

Q. How will I share my resume with employers without a paper resume?

A. If you registered for the event, you'll receive an email or text message on the morning of the job fair with your check in info. After you check in, you will receive a personal QR code to use at the event. This QR code will link directly to your job board profile, so instead of handing over a resume, you will share your QR code for exhibitors to scan.

Q. What should I wear?

A. Business casual is perfect for this type of event, though if you have a well-fitting suit, that can make a great first impression. Dress professional but make sure you feel comfortable.

Q: Are masks required?

A. This will be location-dependent, as RecruitMilitary is adhering to event venue health and safety guidelines. We will continue to monitor these closely as we move forward.

Q. The handshake is traditionally a big part of a first impression. What should we do instead of shaking hands?

A. There are many alternatives to a handshake such as a hand wave, strong verbal introduction, or an elbow tap.

Q. Why do recruiters instruct me to apply online when I am right there?

A. Many companies use an Applicant Tracking Service (ATS) to manage applications online. If they tell you to apply online, it’s not that they aren’t excited about you as a candidate. It’s because they have to go through certain steps before having a formal conversation with you.

Use this time to stand out by sharing your elevator pitch with recruiters, network and find out more about the organizations with roles that interest you. Be sure to ask well thought out questions of the recruiters based on looking at their website and open positions in advance.

Q: If I have symptoms of COVID, what should I do?

A: Everyone will be required to complete a health questionnaire as part of their entry process.
If you are experiencing symptoms or have had close contact of someone with COVID, do not attend.

If you are already on site and start to feel symptoms, you should notify the event director and depart the event.

Q. What if I have questions at the event?

A. Proceed to our help desk, located in the main check in area.

After the Event

Q. How soon after the event should I follow up?

A. Between 24 to 48 hours after the event is a good window. Thank the contact for their time at the event and bring up specific things you discussed at the career fair to keep yourself fresh in their mind. Follow-up is a huge thing that people often overlook, but it makes a really big difference in how you are perceived by the company.

Q. Should I connect with the recruiter on LinkedIn?

A. It depends. If you talked to the recruiter in depth about a specific position and they have mentioned “next steps,” then it would be appropriate to send a request as well as thank them for their time though LinkedIn. They can decide whether to accept your request or not, but it is good way to reach out.

Have more questions? Email us at events@recruitmilitary.com.

From all of us here at RecruitMilitary, best of luck in your job search, and thank you for service.