The fastest way to get results is to speak directly to the right people.

Our Targeted Email campaigns deliver messages directly from us on your behalf. Leveraging our award-winning job board -- with more than one million opted-in veterans fully registered and an incredible amount of data -- we are able to put your opportunities in front of a qualified, interested audience. Furthermore, our Targeted Emails will come from a veteran on the RecruitMilitary staff.

Choose an option that fits your needs. Whether seeking to fill one position right now or to fill multiple positions for a variety of locations -- we have a solution that fits.

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Send 1 Targeted Email


Send 10 Targeted Emails


Send 15 Targeted Emails


Send 25 Targeted Emails


Send 40 Targeted Emails


Send 55 Targeted Emails


Send 75 Targeted Emails


Send 100 Targeted Emails


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