Drive Candidates to Apply with a Compelling Job Posting

Drive Candidates to Apply with a Compelling Job Posting

How accurately you define the job you’re posting can make a big difference in the number and types of candidates who will apply for it. With 20 years and millions of job postings under our belt, we’ve seen the good, the bad, and the ugly. Below are a few job-posting tips to maximize your results.

Clarity, Clarity, Clarity

Make sure the job title reflects what is in the job description. If you’re looking to fill a spot in a certain location, you could include it to avoid confusion. Example: “Logistics Coordinator in Pittsburgh, PA.”

Provide a clear, concise description of job duties (bullet points work best). Distinguish between “must have” and “desirable” requirements. Keep in mind that veterans who are just transitioning out may have years of experience and expertise in a specific field but may not have the equivalent civilian certification. Don’t discourage an ideal candidate from applying because of a skill that can be taught or a certificate that can be easily obtained.

Get Specific

If you want to attract the right candidates, you must pay attention to every detail. For example, if your position requires being outside in the blistering heat several hours a day, you must let applicants know this.

Use just one city/state or zip code for the location of your job posting. This is how candidates will find you when they search for jobs in a specific location and will also be mapped on your job posting. If the position is available in more than one location, post a job for each location.

Include a salary range. You do not have to include a specific salary, but keep in mind that positions in the military are based on pay grade, so including a salary range will be helpful.

Make the most of keywords in the title and body of the job posting. Tag relevant work categories to help candidates find your posting.


This is a great opportunity to sell the candidate on why your position is awesome. Tell candidates what sets your organization apart from the others. Do you off great pay and benefits? Do you have a group just for veterans at your organization? Is your office located in the hip new building downtown?

Be Transparent

Make sure you show your organization’s name on the job posting (check box). Think about it - would you accept a resume from a candidate without a name?


Once your job is posted, make sure to read through the listing. Are there any spelling or grammatical errors? Ask yourself, “If I were a candidate, would I clearly understand the job requirements and next steps to apply?”

The good news? Each posting can be edited as many times as you like while the posting is live, so feel free to tweak your posting while it is on the RecruitMilitary Job Board.

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