3 Top Recruiting Trends in 2016


According to LinkedIn’s Global Recruiting Trends report, which surveyed over 4,000 talent acquisition decision makers, these are among some of the top trends for 2016.

Quality of Hire

Over 39% identified quality of hire as the single, most valuable performance metric for talent acquisition teams. This was closely followed by time to fill position (28%) and hiring manager satisfaction (21%).

Organizations measure quality of hire in three ways:

• New hire performance evaluation • Turnover / retention • Hiring manager satisfaction

RecruitMilitary’s white paper, Metrics that Matter, provides more information about these key metrics and how to measure them.

Employer Brand

Employers are investing more in employer brand efforts in 2016: 59% in 2016, an increase over 2015 (53%) and 2014 (50%).

If you’re looking to boost your employer brand to veterans in 2016, check out our blog article, How to Build a Strong Employer Brand with Veterans.

Employee Retention

While recruiting highly skilled talent and improving quality of hire are clear objectives of those surveyed, over 32% also cited employee retention as a top priority.

Read our Veteran Hiring Report article to learn about a survey on veteran hiring and retention we conducted with over 112 employers that have worked with us to recruit veterans.