Military Occupational Specialty Education Improves Hiring Efficency

The old phrase “measure twice, cut once” reminds the craftsmen to be prudent. The efficiency of a double-check over the added cost of a bad cut is obvious in building. This logic can be as easily applied to hiring military.

Measure twice by getting educated on Military Occupational Specialties, mapping the skills required for the position and communicating this with your team.

As a resource for hiring military, I know the challenge of getting a busy manager to make the front-end investment of communicating the details of their “perfect candidate”. I also know the efficiency in getting the profile right on the front end over the inefficiencies of learning hot and cold while going through resumes. Having the talk on desired skills and defining where they are found in military career fields is a critical step in a successful military-focused hiring program.

Measuring twice by investing in skill-mapping on the front end pays dividends on process accuracy, efficiency and hiring results. This is also where investing in an area expert offers strong returns. Don’t pay the price of a bad cut!

Bobby Whitehouse

Image courtesy Alan Cleaver