Search & Employ® Article Submission Form


To have your organization considered for a magazine feature article, fully answer the questions for each section in the boxes in the Article Submission Form.

When we receive your submission, we will review your material and determine if and how we might be able to include your submission. We do not guarantee article placement in magazine or use of material in our social media activity.

If we determine that your story is a great one to include in our magazine, we will edit your material. We may ask some additional questions, or we may ask for more material. Usually the story will run about 800 words longs.

When we have finished editing the article, we will email a copy to you for a fact check. At that time, we will ask that you not add any more content or edit the article for style.

When we receive your fact-checked copy, we may go through another round of editing. We will continue this procedure until the article is satisfactory to all parties.


  • We will not publish more than one article from your organization in a 12-month period, unless your organization does a significant amount of business in more than one industry.
  • We will not publish articles without accompanying photos. Please see below for photo specs.
  • We will not repeat an article that appeared previously in Search & Employ®.
  • We will not publish an article that has appeared elsewhere.

Use of submitted articles is made at the discretion of the Search & Employ® magazine staff, and is based solely on space available in each issue.


Please direct all questions regarding the form or article opportunity to